Have YOU ever wondered why some people use the law of attraction and seem to manifest whatever they want easily and effortlessly...while others (maybe even you) have a much

harder time attracting that positive feeling within and success in all pursuits, no matter how

much you try?

Does this sound familiar

Everything seemed to be going right and then BOOM... it feels like everywhere you turn you hear another doom and gloom story about businesses closing due to the state of the world... and your heart ACHES for them. 

How can you manifest when you feel so heartbroken, scared and upset about all the people in the world?

You practice the law of attraction (and you still want to know what’s up with The Secret)….you practically meditate and visualize until you’re blue in the face. The universe should be handing you all of your desires and dreams on a shiny silver platter topped with a red bow by now!


Yet you are filled with doubts...maybe your business will thrive while you are working from home...maybe not. As you lie awake at night, these thoughts run through your mind like a speeding train…”Am I doing this right?” “How can I be feeling good when the world is falling apart?”


So you sit there sweating, hoping….anxiously waiting for the sweet sweet sound of CHA CHING to tell you it’s working…

….but instead you hear crickets. And tumbleweeds are practically blowing across your

bank account…. and you have no clue why.

Have more questions?

Here’s the REAL problem 

Videos and blog posts about the law of attraction are a dime a dozen these days. It’s downright overwhelming. Shouldn’t it be easy?

Using every law of attraction technique under the sun (and there are soooo many) is not only confusing to you, it’s confusing to the universe! Mixed emotions create mixed results.

Manifesting the wrong way ultimately keeps the very things you desire AWAY from you! ​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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So what can you do to get the universe to listen to you and DELIVER FAST with crystal clear clarity?

From Hustling to FLOWING...We’re throwing you a much-needed LIFELINE 

Focus on What You CAN Control

During times of uncertainty, people tend to want to make a difference in their life and do things differently. For this reason, focusing on what you can control places your energy in growth not fear. Now is not the time to assume that your work isn’t needed or powerful.... Now is the time to BELIEVE that you CAN use your creative mind to FLOURISH even in these uncertain times.

Imagine... no more self-doubt….no more trying to micromanage the Universe through the state of the world…


Imagine you shed that doubt as easily as taking off a jacket.

This exclusive new law of attraction system uses the power of your daily habits to skyrocket your vibration to help you manifest a mindset that will help you to succeed from home​​​​​​​. 

Just Open Your Email Each Day…

Follow the straightforward, clear instructions in your daily Law of Attraction prompt, and you’ll manifest what you desire in record time.


Meet Your Coaches

Tom Yatar and Ania Halama are WORLD travelers who have helped thousands of people attract money, wealth, perfect health, perfect love, mental health, and spiritual wealth.

Tom is speaker, mentor, trainer and Law of attraction coach. He is a Certified Reiki Master Level 3, EFT Certified Coach, NLP Master, Hypnotist, Certified Ho’oponopono master, Angel Card Intuitive, and Law of attraction coach.

Ania is a #MillenialManifestor, Spiritual Healer and world traveler. She is a Certified Reiki Master Level 3, Certified Ho’oponopono master, Angel Card Intuitive, Human Design Specialist, and Law of attraction coach.

Tom and Ania are on track to help a staggering amount of people obtain exactly what they want and need in life.

Bonus: Community Support (Priceless)

The best part about this #HighVibeChallenge is the community that comes along with it! We’re creating an exclusive #HighVibersClub of everyone joining us on this challenge so we can raise everyone’s vibrations together and you can help support other #HighVibers along your manifestation journey. 

Post your questions, celebrate your high vibes and tap into the love we’re co-creating together. 

We will be posting in the group and helping support the #HighVibers, so make sure you’re visiting the group often.

The High Vibe Challenge gives you everything you need… ​​​​​​​

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The exact techniques to create a life you are utterly OBSESSED WITH, filled to the brim with massively high vibrations, limitless wealth, joy, and gratitude.

Law of attraction coaching to show you the specific steps you must take to get the results you desire FAST​​​​​​​

Access the challenge through the online portal or via email. Dip in anytime to quickly manifest your new desires. Need an upgrade on all your current manifestations? Consider it done!

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